Zine Workshops around Port Macquarie


I’ve started running the Madchomp Zine Workshops around Port Macquarie. After only a few I’ve already realised, it isn’t about the zines, it’s about the people.

People with all backgrounds and types of creativity interests can use zines as an outlet for their art.

Blogging zine style for children's books
Blog it Out.

Madchomp zine workshops are all about ‘eliminating the editor’ and having fun. There are no rules!

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Pre-Order Zig Zag Zali for a free gift pack.

Zig Zag Zali is a big brindle dog
Zig Zag Zali children’s book by May W. Pax

The title says it all 🙂

For $15, free postage in Australia, you can pre-order a copy of Zig Zag Zali. The book (and your gift pack) will be available to post on April 16th 2018.

Just follow the link below…

Cheers!    ~ May.

Click this awesome link to pre-order Zig Zag Zali 🙂

Zig Zag Zali – children’s book about a girl, her dog, and their awesome adventures.

Zig Zag Zali written by May Wendily Pax and published by Madchomp
Finishing off the collage backgrounds for Zig Zag Zali.

“Lucy watches

Zali slip around the kitchen wearing

her sister’s smelly soccer socks”

Lucy and Zali never stop playing and going on massive adventures together. They are inseparable!

$15, with free postage in Australia.

Order from this website via PayPal, secure credit card, or bank transfer.

~ May Wendily Pax