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Zig Zag Zali is a children’s book by May W. Pax. Zig Zag Zali is a big dog who loves to play. Being happy is just her way!

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(Note: the new website for Zig Zag Zali is still being set up, however you can find it here. Or follow May on Instagram).


Zig Zag Zali is a children’s picture book about a day in the life of Lucy and her awesome dog named Zali.

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Lucy and Zali are about to have an exciting day together.

Lucy loves her Zig Zag Zali.
Zali is her dog.
Tall, strong, striped
all tan and black.
Pointed tail
with a wicked thwack.

Big brown eyes.
Bright white teeth.
Muscled chest.
Long-clawed feet.

And, who could ignore…
her giant inquisitive nose.
Zig Zag Zali, Lucy knows
is a mighty dog… remarkably so!